Friday, February 4, 2011

A Good Day

Yesterday was very good day –it was Brandon’s last treatment!  Could it be a better day?

I will still be at the gym doing my works outs.  June is coming and I will still be running the Rock and Roll Marathon with Team In Training.

I am so thrilled I have nothing else to say!  (can you believe it?) 

So rather than my babble- Did you know?

  • 153,535 people are living with Hodgkin's - either with the disease or in remission (Go Brendan!)
  • Leukemia causes about one-third of all cancer deaths in children younger than 15 years
  • Max Warburg passed away from Leukemia 20 years ago this March, my first TNT event was in honor of him
  • Today children like Adrian have have higher survival rates thanks to LLS and the research funds it has provided
  • Adrian - 4 yr old Superhero putting leukemia in its place!
  • More than 78 cents of every dollar I raise with Team In Training will go directly to patients and research for blood cancers
  • A marathon is 26.2 miles and it takes the average woman 51,214 steps to complete
  • 6 cents a step will get me to my fundraising goal
  • You can help me reach that goal by making a donation at my Team Website
  • You could be in the 1% of 1% that have run a marathon or join me in the fight and be the and a hero among them

Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh the Changes!

It has been an exciting month!  Lots happening with the holidays, Goofy Marathon and a Half Challenge (ask me about by Disney bling!), family and friends in town, and things do not seem to be slowing down! 

There are some big changes as well!  There will be a Babcock wedding in April!  My cousin Thomas is getting married and I will be in MA to celebrate, dance the night away and eat wedding cake!  This has changed my Team In Training plans.  Thomas and Christina’s wedding is the same weekend as St. Anthony’s Triathlon – so…. (Drum roll please!) I am now going to run the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon in June!!  Not only am I excited for my first trip to California but I have increased my fundraising goal!  One more step to finding a cure to blood cancer.

Today I have one more reason to fight cancer.

I first met Andrea at the gym.  We both were regulars at a boot camp class we all called “Booty Camp”.  As time went on, I got to know Andrea and her youngest child, Noah.  We would spend as much time chatting after class as we did in class.  Needless to say, we became fast friends.  Andrea was always laughing and giving our instructor a hard time, which would usually result in extra jump squats.  I am not sure I liked her so much thenJ.  During one of our quieter chats Andrea opened up to me about her son, Derek.  Derek spent a year battling leukemia.  He fought hard but in the end, lost his battle.

Today, on the anniversary of Derek’s death, I am sending big hugs to Andrea and her family.  We are thinking about Derek and fighting cancer, too.

I am back to posting regularly - follow me on my journey and help meet my fundraising goal!