Friday, February 4, 2011

A Good Day

Yesterday was very good day –it was Brandon’s last treatment!  Could it be a better day?

I will still be at the gym doing my works outs.  June is coming and I will still be running the Rock and Roll Marathon with Team In Training.

I am so thrilled I have nothing else to say!  (can you believe it?) 

So rather than my babble- Did you know?

  • 153,535 people are living with Hodgkin's - either with the disease or in remission (Go Brendan!)
  • Leukemia causes about one-third of all cancer deaths in children younger than 15 years
  • Max Warburg passed away from Leukemia 20 years ago this March, my first TNT event was in honor of him
  • Today children like Adrian have have higher survival rates thanks to LLS and the research funds it has provided
  • Adrian - 4 yr old Superhero putting leukemia in its place!
  • More than 78 cents of every dollar I raise with Team In Training will go directly to patients and research for blood cancers
  • A marathon is 26.2 miles and it takes the average woman 51,214 steps to complete
  • 6 cents a step will get me to my fundraising goal
  • You can help me reach that goal by making a donation at my Team Website
  • You could be in the 1% of 1% that have run a marathon or join me in the fight and be the and a hero among them

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